Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is Virtual Reality Cricket

Virtual Reality Cricket Trainer will be a Virtual Reality based Cricket Game which will provide batting practice to the user of this game. The batsman will be able to interact the game through the monitor or using 3D glasses and will be able to face deliveries which our bowled by a virtual bowler. This virtual bowler will be able to simulate real world bowlers in regards to speed, movement, bounce, swing and spin according to variety of deliveries that the particular bowler bowls.

The batsman (the user) will be given a Cricket bat which has sensors on it. These sensors will detect the virtual ball bowled by the virtual bowler and play a stroke according to the merit of the ball. The bat’s sensors will detect if the virtual ball has been hit and accordingly the bat will vibrate thus giving a real world feeling and high interaction with the game. Judging by the speed of the bat swing and direction of the bat swing the speed and direction and distance that the virtual ball will go will be calculated and shown on the screen.

The virtual environment for the Cricket ground, pitch and fielders will be simulated. The batsman will be able to select various grounds (which we can change the bounce of the ball on the pitch the amount of natural swing or spin and the speed of the outfield). The batsman will also be able to select the type of bowler in the real world that he wants to face and even the delivery (spinning, swinging, bouncer, Yorker) and the speed and direction in which it could be delivered.